Therefore At the same time these products are most of all necessary to the woman in labor who has transferred massive , spent there is many forces and energy at childbirth.

Therefore the family first of all needs to transfer these products in maternity hospital.

It is specifically possible to transfer counting on days sourmilk drinks kefir, either fermented baked milk, or acidophilus milk juice fruit apple, etc.

, are better ' a sky and dietary food, dried fruits prunes, dried apricots, raisin, etc.

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The American

The American Its removal will not prevent the diseases which are transferring at sexual contact.

To solve to you.

As you saw from stated above, the convincing reasons for removal of an extreme flesh are not present.

Even having consulted to the doctor of your child, you can not find the answer.

The American academy of pediatrics comes back from time to time to this question.

So, in it noted that trimming of an extreme flesh as the standard procedure is not necessary.

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Razgulivaniye When the fear of loneliness at the child will pass, gradually turn out it back in a nursery, but it is possible and to leave in yours if it helps.

Razgulivaniye of the kid at night on a bed it is quite normal, and many parents should pass through it.

IT IS NECESSARY TO NURSE ALL NIGHT LONG To our child there are months, he sleeps without us, but times in a night that him fed wake up.

With it it was possible to be reconciled, but now he demands, that with it were nursed all night long.

I was very tired.

You are right.

The matter is that your child uses you as I calm a neck, pacifying means.

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But in A family, to the tory

But in A family, to the toryThat relative whom the child for some reason forgets to represent in A family which I want, as a rule, and is a tochnik of his discomfort, the reason of all experiences and not .

And, having excluded it independently from members ache families and thus having made court, the artist as though to us prompts an exit from the created situation and on as it to carry out.

Look at drawing of the former idol fig.

In Mine fig.

the child only represented itself.

But in A family, to the tory I want it as if restores the past.

And the father with mother again near it, instead of as earlier, behind the closed door.

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My experience

My experience Now together with you expecting the child by the newlymarried couple or young parents, we will try to meet this lack.

My experience of the doctorpediatrist, experience of my wife Martha as nurses and ours about shchy experience of the parents who have grown up eight children, led us to belief that the best mutual understanding between the child and parents is established at such method of education which we called style of rapprochement as it promotes emergence between you close, indissoluble connections.

This method helps to realize all the best that is in parents and their children.

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